Prague Brass Ensemble
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Prague Brass Ensemble

Karel Kučera

He became the member of the Prague Brass Ensemble in the year 1993.
He graduated from the Prague Conservatory and also from Academy of Musical Arts in Prague. He devoted himself to the Bass Trombone play already during his studies. In 1986-1988 he was the member of the State Opera Orchestra Prague, in 1988-1997 the member of the Czech Radio Symphony Orchestra and since September 1997 he has been a Bass Trombone player of the Czech Philharmonic. Thanks to this last player and his instrument, which substitutes in this unorthodox formation the tuba usually employed by similar ensembles, the Prague Brass Ensemble achieve greater autenticity of sound in their readings of early music. At the same time, this asset poses higher demands on the bass trombone player in terms of technique and range in interpreting the whole range of genres of 20th-century music, a challenge Karel Kučera has been meeting with genuine excellence.